Medusa Menu

Good evening everyone, hope everyone is doing well.
Where to start... Medusa in its infancy was a small passion project, it looked and felt like any other menu, then it became the King a Menu with the coolest GUI ever, simple but good and in my opinion: THE BEST, options that doesnt harm any other Player, but just making the Gameplay of the Menu User easier and funnier in a good way... we poured our life blood into creating something different, something functional and something for others to use as inspiration. We first started our rise being a small but Good Looking Menu with the less options ever, then when people Understanded that you dont need all the bullshit options but just a good looking, undetected and with smart/cool features menu, that was it.

We burried every other Menu that was ruining the Game and the top one was Medusa that did 0% harm in the game at all. Future Devs take this as an Example. Having alot of useless options doesnt mean anything, you just harm the game and doing damage to innocent people. Medusa did the difference!! At the end, everyone who was threating me or bothering me just Closed, Medusa is/was the only Menu left.

Why are we Closing Medusa?

Well, the last days it seems that some no-lifers think they are the Cyber Police and they are leaking Information of People. Allready 7 Shitty Menus closed because of this, it seems that i was the only Lucky one that their re-searches didnt lead to me but in some old assosiates of me. Since there are not other menu left and no one else to bother/harass they will finally find me and thats something i dont really like to happen. I tried my best to never Bother Anyone, never Talk to anyone than my Users, literally nothing but this Silence from my place made them more Angry for some reason.

Why they do that?

The answer is simple, no one likes your success at anything, Medusa did something that no one else did in the past. We came out here with a Good Looking menu, with not much features, but useful ones and you guys liked that so much. The people who are doing all this have tried to release their own menus in past and they failed hard. They thought if they add alot of good but useless features they will succeed, thats not correct. The History says that the only good looking menus or different looking menus have succeed. Back to the speaking of why they are doing all of this, because as i said they failed hard and none could help them actually to succeed and get on top, they just decide: We are gonna close every menu so we are the only ones Left. Example: Someone punch Usain Bolt in a race to stop him so he can finish first, this is not how things work, with this way you will need to deal with the fact that Karma is going to come back to you hard, because you are not the Creator of this world to decide about other people lives. Side note: After this guy Leaked the personal Information of these Shitty Devs, they all went by his side so he dont do that again and made him a Legend, like when someone comes to your House to rob you, you are telling him: Lets go rob my neighbor. But trust me even if you lick his dick he still can fuck you over at anytime and trust me he will do this is a guarantee that will happen (karma as i said above).

**Note for Poccaking that was begging people for the .DLL for ever: With the oil of your hair we could feed the whole Africa, i think you understand what i mean.

Advice: To these people

This goes to the people that does all this kind of things, im gonna tell you something simple the past 3-4 Months you have focused on my life, on my business, on my website and trying to Shut me down, trying to crack the menu, ddos my website, just ask yourselves: "Why? Why am i so worthless as a human, why i need to bother/harm other people that never talked to me? Why i dont focus to do something for myself, for my business, but instead focus on what someone else is doing?" Ask these questions to yourself because you probably will not understand what im saying, but this is a serious problem that can cause alot to your life in the future. Focus on yourselves, try to do something better for you own Life, dont try to ruin other peoples lives, to bring them to the same level as you, its your life, your choise, if you want you can change that, or you can sit behind a computer your whole life and focus on what others do with their own lives.

Future Plans?

We are not coming back to GTA 5, this chapter has closed and we are moving forward, all the Sources and Databases of the Licenses has been sold to a new team of 3 people/developers. Its up to them if they will still keep the current Auth or delete everyone.
There is chances tho we might come back with a CS:GO, Apex Legends, COD:BO4 Menu, but for now we just need to chill a bit.

Good Bye!

If you purchased Medusa the last 3 Days expect a refund later today.
Thank you guys, good bye and have a great life from now on!